Chica on the boat with a sexy bikini

If you like nude latina girls… Chica’s Place is for you. Today you can accompany the movement of your hand on your cock watching this strip on the boat. Chica wearing a patriotic bikini, but not for long. In a few moments we are faced with a close-up of her perfect ass.

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Black on Top

there are two very important things you should know about me and if you don’t know them by now then you’re in big trouble mister!  one, i love to suck cock and two, i love to grind my pussy on a cock in cowgirl position.  this i my most intense orgasm position and the best part is the guy can just lay back and enjoy the ride!  it doesn’t take long for me to cum when i’m on top and on a few occasions i even came as the cock first slides into my pussy before i got it all the way in.  the only disadvantage to being on top is the creampie drips out of my pussy too fast.  i love having all that cum inside my pussy as long as i can and i normally put my panties on soon after so i can stay nice and wet down there.

i feel extremely sexy when i wear nylon stockings with lingerie and i know this puts most guys in the mood for a good humping.  so sit back and get your cock in hand because i want you to shoot a nice big load for me!

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2012 01 28 Black on Top

2012 01 28a Black on Top 2012 01 28b1 Black on Top 2012 01 28c Black on Top

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Vegas BJ

we just got back from vegas and have been going none stop.  we shot this video on the way up to vegas and it was a lot of fun.  long drives can be boring so we found a few ways to entertain ourselves as well as entertain truckers along the way.  we stopped in to see the hoover damn and that was really cool!  i was fortunate to be able to satisfy myself but poor dave had to wait several hours before i could take care of him icon smile Vegas BJ

[Video: 15min]
2012 01 21 Vegas BJ

2012 01 21a Vegas BJ 2012 01 21b Vegas BJ 2012 01 21c Vegas BJ

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i love my toys and i have a huge collection so i don’t mind sharing one or two in the right situation.  i would say vibrating the underside of dave’s cock with my massager while giving him a slippery handjob is just that kind of situation!  wouldn’t you?  this vibrator drives me wild and can make myself cum in a minute or two so i knew it was going to feel just as good on his cock.  hey girls, i’ve learned that the trick to using a powerful massager like this on a cock is to use lots of lube and keep it moving.  just below the head on the underside is sensitive and a good place to add some extra stimulation.

after i vibrated a hot load of cum out of his very sensitive cock, i used nature’s best lube on my pussy and enjoyed the “good vibrations” icon smile iVibe

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2012 01 14SD iVibe

2012 01 14a iVibe 2012 01 14b iVibe 2012 01 14c iVibe

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Panty Creampie

i got a special request to see me wearing a pair of shinny panties, pulled over to the side while i get fucked and creampied.  then, i cover my pussy with my panties and masturbate through them with a vibrator.  well, i’m pretty sure i got this one pretty darn close but you guys will have to be the judge.  after i made this video, i wore these cum soaked panties out knowing i was concealing a naughty little secret!  this almost turned me on as much as making the video icon smile Panty Creampie

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2012 01 07SD Panty Creampie

2012 01 07a Panty Creampie 2012 01 07b Panty Creampie 2012 01 07c Panty Creampie

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Time to Cum

happy new year everyone!  i hope everyone made it into 2012 safely icon smile Time to Cum   dave pretends he doesn’t like to be teased but i know exactly how to extract as much cum as i can out of his balls.  i think he likes my “time” games just as much as you guys do.  this time i gave him a few options.  the first one was if he could cum within 2 minutes then i would swallow every drop of his load and i had a feeling it was going to be a big one!  he’s not a fast cummer so i knew this was going to be a challenge for him.  the second option was he had 4 minutes to cum and if he couldn’t make that then he would have to wait an entire week before he could release his load.  this would have been very uncomfortable for him so i knew he was going to do his best to beat the clock!  tick-tock, tick-tock….

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2011 12 311 Time to Cum

2011 12 31a1 Time to Cum 2011 12 31b1 Time to Cum 2011 12 31c1 Time to Cum

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