Red Rider

We have a glass table in our living room that’s the perfect height to get fucked on and i really got my pussy loaded with cum in this gallery! i came right before dave did so my pussy got extra creamy and you guys get to watch it slowly drip out! i was oozing cum into my panties for an hour after we finished shooting… sitting in cum is a huge turn-on for me!

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Bathroom Blowjob

why watch when you can join in, right!  i enjoy putting on a show for my man and getting him all worked up for a nice wet blowjob so he can unload everything he has in my mouth!  it messed up my fresh lip stick but it was worth the treat!  this was a nice healthy load of cum and it felt amazing on my tongue and sliding down my throat!

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2011 12 10 Bathroom Blowjob

2011 12 10a Bathroom Blowjob 2011 12 10b Bathroom Blowjob 2011 12 10c Bathroom Blowjob

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The Liberator

while shopping at my sex store the other day i saw one of those Liberator pads and always wanted to try it.  well guess what, they work great!  i normally just fold a pillow in half and put it under my hips but this thing works so much better!  dave really enjoyed the angle to and his cum dripping out of my pussy is testimony.

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2011 12 03 The Liberator

2011 12 03a The Liberator 2011 12 03b The Liberator 2011 12 03c The Liberator

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Bargin Blowjob

most guys hate going shopping but they love getting head so i know exactly how to get my guy in the mood for just about anything.  i would normally just give him road head but cops are cracking down on txting while driving so i’m sure they frown upon sucking while driving…lol

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2011 11 26 Bargin Blowjob

2011 11 26a Bargin Blowjob 2011 11 26b Bargin Blowjob 2011 11 26c Bargin Blowjob

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Crack Shot

we tried a position we don’t normally do and it felt so good that it makes me wonder why we don’t do it more often.  my two favorite positions are cowgirl because i love to grind my clit with his cock inside me, and doggy because his cock curves down and rubs right on my g-spot…nice!  dave rolled me over on my side and fucked me that way until he shot his load in my crack which felt amazing!  i know how much you guys like seeing my freshly fucked puffy pussy with hot cum all over it so i hope you cum as hard as we did!

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2011 11 18 Crack Shot

2011 11 18a Crack Shot 2011 11 18b Crack Shot 2011 11 18c Crack Shot

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Sweet Swallow

i love that dave eats pineapple because it makes his cum taste soooo good!  i could swallow his cum all day long and not waste a drop of that delicious prize.  i work hard to get it so i enjoy every last drop and make sure the shaft is completely empty before i release his cock.

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2011 11 12 Sweet Swallow

2011 11 12a Sweet Swallow 2011 11 12b Sweet Swallow 2011 11 12c Sweet Swallow

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